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NEWS - What's happening

Open to all clubbies from U11s up to Masters.

It is that time of year again where we start our pool rescue season - taking surf skills into the pool.
Prepare to have some fun - this is an awesome event to be involved in. 
They will train and participate in various events including swim with fins; patient tow; brick carry (or manikin for the seniors); swimming under obstacles; as well as various swim/medley relays.
Training is once a week on a Saturday or Sunday at Freyberg from June until late September. That all leads up to three competitions - Capital Coast; Central Regions; and Nationals which you can choose to participate in.   
Key info:

Juniors - U11-U14; Seniors U15 all the way up to Masters

Practice once during a week (Saturday or Sunday) at Freyberg 

Tentative starting date - Sunday 8th/9th June

Coach - Rhys Speirs. Maranui Director of Sport, Head Coach with primary focus on Lifeguard Sport and Head coach for Pool Rescue.

Here are some event videos if you are interested in having a look:

Patient Tow
Pool rescue is a fun event that helps keep you in touch with lifesaving, water skills and the best club in Wellington - Maranui!
The starting point is gathering expressions of Interest.
Please click the link and complete the form asap to express your interest - Registration form
Feel free to contact Rhys if you have any questions:

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