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The Junior Surf season starts in November year and ends in March of the following year. In the off-season, swimming pool-based competitions are held for the Under 12 and Under 14 age groups.

 Junior Surf (Little Nippers) 5th November 2023 - 10th of March 2024
U8 - U14 Carnival. 3rd December 2023. Worser Bay. Times to be advised
Christmas shared lunch. Sunday 10th of December. Time to be advised

Junior Surf Starts. Sunday 28th January (TBC)

 U8 - U14 Carnival. 12th January. Fitzroy, New Plymouth. Times to be advised.
U8 - U14 Carnival. 21st January. Riversdale, Wairarapa. Times to be advised.
Capital Coast Champs. 3rd February. Maranui SLSC Clubrooms. Times to be advised.

 U8 - U14 Carnival. 14th February. Titahi Bay. Twilight event. Times to be advised.
Last Junior Surf session for the season. Sunday 10th March.

* NOTE: There will be NO regular Junior Surf sessions on carnival days as all coaches will be at the carnivals.

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All dates, times, locations etc are correct when published but subject to change.

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