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Lifeguard Sport - Senior Surf Sport

There are a large variety of beach and water activities involved in Surf Sport disciplines including: swim, board, ski, run, canoe and inflatable rescue boat (IRB).

Surf Sports in the Senior part of the Club are different from the Junior Club in that there is a wider range of events for Seniors and there are a number of team events. In Senior Surf Sports most people tend to concentrate on only a few events.

As a qualified Surf Lifeguard you are able to participate in regular competition events (Surf Sports) against lifeguards from other Surf Clubs. Surf Sports events are referred to as Carnivals. The objective of Surf Sports is to improve the fitness and skill levels of lifeguards.

Surf Sport events are held over the summer providing local, national and international competition for Surf Sport Lifeguards. There are also national pool competitions where members compete in swimming, rescue, and obstacle races.

Athletes can train and compete across all the Surf Sports disciplines or choose to specialise in one.

Maranui SLSC offers formal coaching programmes for you to learn and develop skills in the various individual disciplines and team events, being:

  • Beach Sprint & Flags

  • Swimming (Surf Race / Tube Rescue)

  • Board

  • Surf Ski

  • Surf Canoe

  • IRB racing (Qualifications required)




If you are interested in training and competing in Surf Sports then please contact  Rhys Speirs -

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