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200M SAFETY BADGE(U10 - U14)

Children are not taught to swim at ‘Junior Surf’ Sunday beach sessions. 

As we are in the business of saving lives and not risking them, swimming skills go hand-in-hand with surf life saving. Therefore we require Junior Surf members to attain this award so they can satisfy the mandatory safety requirement to compete with foam or fibre-glass paddle boards in the Junior Surf Carnivals and it demonstrates their confidence in the water and their capability of returning to shore if separated from their equipment.


A safety requirement is that children aged 9-13 years (U10 - U14 age group) must be proficient swimmers and have a 200m safety badge. This is advisable for U9’s but compulsory from age 9 (U10s). 


In view of the beach environment in which our activities are carried out, every effort should be made to ensure that all children have some swimming proficiency. It is expected that as children progress through their age groups, their swimming ability increases.  


Swimming in the ocean is very different to swimming in the pool. If the coaches are not confident that a child is a strong enough swimmer to tackle the conditions, whether it be training or at a carnival, they can stop the child taking part. This is not done lightly and is only done for the child’s safety. 

Children are not taught to swim at ‘Junior Surf’ Sunday beach sessions. We strongly recommend that children attend regular swimming lessons. Pool swimming is essential to develop the strength, fitness and confidence that they require to negotiate surf conditions. Children who swim regularly prove to be the most capable in the surf and ultimately gain the most from participating in a Junior Surf programme.




The 200m safety award must be refreshed each year by all U10 - U14 athletes in order to remain in the club’s Junior Surf programme. Athletes involved in a swim squad may not need to re-sit the 200m badge unless the coaches deem this necessary.  


U10/U11/U12 swim 200m in 7 mins tread water 1 minute

  • U13 swim swim 200m  in under 5.5 mins, tread water 1 minute

  • U14 swim swim 200m  in under 4.5mins, tread water 1 minute


Junior Surf athletes will need to swim 200m, followed by a 1 minute tread water, within the SLSNZ allotted time depending on their age. 


Upon completion, a badge is awarded. This will need to be sewn onto your Maranui competition cap.
200m Safety Badge results are loaded into the PAM database. Without a 200m badge athletes can't be entered for any water events at Carnivals.

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