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Lifeguarding is our core role at Maranui SLSC. Maranui SLSC's dedicated team of volunteer lifeguards patrol Wellington City beaches to ensure the safety of beach-users. Maranui's surf lifesaving programmes will equip you with the skills and confidence to help prevent drowning and injury on New Zealand beaches.

If you’re interested in becoming a surf lifeguard, you can participate in our training course.

We run our own training programme each year in accordance with SLSNZ standards.

Lifeguard Award starts in July/August every year. 

Training covers several modules such as surf skills, first aid, rescue techniques, and risk management. Both theory and practical sessions are taught.

To be a qualified lifeguard, you need to be 14 years or older and pass your Surf Lifeguard award exam, which includes such things as:

  • 400m timed pool swim (completed in under 9 minutes)

  • Tube rescue in a pool environment

  • 200m run-swim-run, in the surf environment (under 8 min)

  • CPR, first aids, and radio scenario

  • Tube rescue in the surf environment

  • Theory Exam


Each season patrolling Surf Lifeguards must take a refresher test. This includes an online theory test, run-swim-run, CPR. online theory test, run-swim-run, CPR.  It is to ensure their fitness and knowledge is up to date date before the patrolling season starts.


Once you've achieved your Surf Lifeguard Award you can help us ensure the safety of beach-goers at Wellington city beaches as a qualified lifeguard. This allows you to compete in Lifeguard Sports and further your lifeguarding opportunities.

Maranui surf lifeguards patrol throughout the summer period.

Find out more about what the course covers and the examination process on the lifeguard award page of the SLSNZ website.

Please email Carrie - if you are interested in becoming a Lifeguard.

Check out the SLSNZ website for more information -

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