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SLSNZ Counselling Support


BENESTAR - counselling and wellbeing provider

  • All active lifeguards & current member volunteers* (and their immediate families) have access to fully funded counselling & wellbeing resources through Benestar. This includes Patrolling Members, Committee Members, Officials, Coaches and Peer Supporters.  *Family members are classified as ‘immediate family members living in the same household’.

  • Benestar is the counselling and wellbeing provider for SLSNZ members. All active and current members and their immediate families* have access to fully funded counselling and wellbeing resources through Benestar.  Benestar have counsellors throughout New Zealand who can be selected and booked online by the user. They also can be booked by phone. Active current members include patrolling members, committee members, officials, coaches and Peer Supporters. 

  • To access Benestar counselling online, head to:

  • When directly booking a counsellor from the website, make sure you say that you are accessing as part of the Xero Assistance Program.

  • To access Benestar counselling by telephone Call 0800 360 364. State you are from Surf Lifesaving and accessing as part of the Xero Assistance Program

  • Benestar offers support after traumatic SLS incidents, challenges within SLS Clubs and also provides support for personal issues such as stress and anxiety, as well as family issues such as violence, grief, and hardship. Support is provided through expert clinicians, counsellors and advisors either face-to-face, via phone, video, learning modules, online live chat, and through the Benestar app. 

  • Check out the SLSNZ page -


RACHAEL BURKE - PEER SUPPORT (Maranui Committee member (Director of Membership) and a Lifeguard) Rachael Burke has recently undertaken training through SLSNZ to take on the role of Peer Supporter within Maranui Surf Life Saving Club. Peer Supporters are specially trained SLSNZ members who can provide confidential support to their fellow members on a range of issues including wellbeing concerns, personal stress, and traumatic lifesaving incidents. Peer Supporters can also connect Maranui members with the Benestar programme. All current active members and their immediate families have access to FREE counselling and wellbeing support through Benestar. 
If you would like to discuss anything further feel free to contact Rachael on 021767347.


Confidentiality underpins this service. SLSNZ has no access to any information about who accesses this service.

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