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In the club's golden jubilee year Maranui won just the one national title: Senior Surf Teams Race. B Crowder, W Penny, M Haxton, R Maltby. Crowder also picked up two national swimming tittles in this year.


The gear shed was added in November. At the Auckland Nationals the senior boat crew was hammered by huge surf. In true Maranui tradition they were disqualified after ramming another boat. George Gallagher scored Maranui's only two tries, one converted by J Warwick in the annual game against Titahi Bay. National Titles: Senior Belt Race: B Crowder. Senior Surf Race: B Crowder.


For those who want to know why the club did not help out in the Wahine disaster. What happened was, shortly after midday, our services were offered, but turned down by the authorities. Three members managed to go to Worser Bay and helped man one of the rescue boats. The club's rugby team, the 'Wellington Surfies' went through the season undefeated and won the fifth grade.

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