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Records show 77 Maranui men in the armed forces with 12 dead. National titles (Juniors and Women Only): Junior March Past. Junior Four Man Alarm: N Sellen, N Gray, M Allen, G Mellish.

A homecoming party, which included the Mayor and High Commissioner of Australia plus five national titles, and Maranui picked up where they left post-war competition. Nelson Shield team: P Malthus, A Pritchard, J Hatchwell, E Raven, D Evans, N Sellen. Cambrian Shield: J Hatchwell. Senior Four Man: A Pritchard, E Raven, J Hatchwell, E Kelliher. Junior Beltman: N Gray. Junior Four Man: N Avery, N Gray, L Jackson, R Oliver.

National titles. Nelson Shield team: J Clark, P Malthus, J Hatchwell, D Evans, A Pritchard, N Gray. Junior Six-man: W Lidstone, R Hatchwell, B Oliver, F Cooke, N Avery, F Jacobsen. Junior Four-man Alarm: W Lidstone, N Avery, F Cooke, R Hatchwell.

Most of the local swimming and life-saving was cancelled in this year because of a polio outbreak.
National titles: Senior Four-man Alarm: J Hatchwell, L Jackson, J Clark, V Baird. Senior Beltman: W Dyson. Senior Beach Relay: J Clark, L Jackson, P Aldous, V Baird.

National titles: Senior Beltman: Clark. Senior March-Past. Surf Ski Teams: M Allen, S Bright, I Ball, L Jackson. Beach Relay: J Clark, L Jackson, S Bright, R Oliver. Junior March-Past.

The year the first Australian team visited New Zealand and three Maranui men were selected for NZ; J Clark (captain), D Evans, R Oliver.
National titles: Senior Beltman: J Clark. Surf Teams: J Clark, R Oliver, D Evans, M Haxton.

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