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The new clubhouse was formally opened and Maranui placed second and third in the Nelson Shield final - the first club to have a B team place. C Claridge won all Wellington freestyle events and several rescues were made, including working with the police when the steamer 'Progress' was wrecked west of Ohiro Bay. National Four-Man Champions: (B team) E Hughes, I McHardy, H Weston, R Burns.


At Christchurch's Sumner Beach Nationals Maranui cleaned house in all three water events that could be held in the huge surf and were the only team to complete the water section of the Nelson Shield. That team was: E Hughes (capt), T Hewitt (support), G Rose (belt), K Hoy, R Burns, C Eversleigh (line), A De Costa (reel), E Raven (patient). William Henry Memorial (four-man): C. Eversleigh (belt), K Hoy (reel), T Hewitt (line), A De Costa (patient). NZ Champion Beltman: C Eversleigh.


National Four-Man Champions: E Hughes (capt), T Hewitt, W Clarke, J Whisker.


National Titles: NZ Junior Championship (William Henry Memorial), E Hughes, C Durrant, F Hull, a, H Downs, H Baird, F Staub.


National titles. March Past; Junior Cup: K Hoy, R Hawken, H Downs, J Gray, J Phythian, C Durrant, N Caradus.


National titles. Nelson Shield: E Hughes, P Ballard, J Clark, H Downs, D Evans, T Hewitt, E Raven; NZ Four Man Alarm: K Hoy, D Evens, J Clark, H Hawken; Surf Teams Race: C Claridge, H Downs, D Evens, J Clark.


Was the first year a NZ team visited Australia and three Maranui men were selected; J Clark, D Evans and H Downs. It was also the year Maranui got another hatrick at the National championships. Four Man Alarm: K Hoy, D Evans, J Clark, H Hawken. Resuscitation Championship: K Hoy. Surf Teams Relay: J Hatchwell, F Pennington, D Evans, J Clark.


Two major events happened in this year. The outbreak of World War II took many Maranui men overseas and new faces held the light in the club's brightest competitive hour. We were the first club in history to win five titles at one National Championships. Nelson Shield Team: P Malthus, J Hatchwell, D Evans, J Clark, H Downs, E Raven. Junior Championship team: N Keall, V Youl, H Wooton, V Baird, R Hall, A Pritchard. Surf Race; J Clark. Surf Teams Relay: J Clarke, J Hatchwell, D Evans, P Malthus. NZ Beltman: J Clark.


In what would be the last Nationals until the end of the war, Maranui won a record seven events in cold southerly weather. Junior Championship: L Jarvis, K Albert, V Youll, A Gardiner, G Teward, F Youll. Senior Four Man: P Malthus, W Deavoll, E Raven, J Phythian. Senior Surf Race: R Hatchwell, F Pennington, D Evans, J Clark. Centennial Cup: P Malthus, D Evans, J Clark, E Raven, F Pennington, J Hatchwell. Senior Surf Race: J Clark. NZ Resuscitation: E Raven.  Beltman: J Clark.


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