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Maranui won the New Zealand Nelson Shield - the most prestigious national title. The eight-man rescue and resuscitation team was: E. Hughes (capt), V Fletcher (support), I McHardy (belt), J Alexander, A Claridge, P Owen (line), C Eversleigh (reel), V Fletcher (patient).


The Maranui 'wings' were designed for the membership role of a whopping 292. The first ever edition of the 'Maranui Moan' was circulated. It was intended to record the other side of the club.


Jan 3, 3pm. A teenage boy from Masterton was pulled unconscious from the water by Maranui's J Sleeman and resuscitated by C Eversleigh. These two would be joined by E Hughes (capt), V Fletcher (belt), J Alexander, D Murrell (support), W Clarks (reel) and J Whisker (patient) later that year to win the Nelson Shield - the most prestigious title at the New Zealand championships.


National Four-Man champions: D Murrell (belt), C Eversleigh (line), E Hughes (reel), W Clarke (patient).


C Claridge swam Wellington Harbour and was awarded a watch in recognition of his distance swimming feats. Later that year he swam belt in the Nelson Shield winning team. The team was: E Hughes (capt), U Shannon (support), C Claridge (belt), I McHardy, F Jackson, C Eversleigh (line), D Murrell (reel), W Fletcher (patient).


Funds were raised to build a new clubhouse and Maranui retained the Nelson Shield with: E Hughes (capt), K Hay (support), F Jackson (belt), E Raven, I McHardy, H Claridge (line), G Easte (reel), C Claridge (patient).

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