Surf Lifesaving Certificate programme  

Eligible candidates are to stay at the Clubhouse under the supervision of parental help for one night. Maranui values the importance of parental involvement and offers the opportunity for parents to be involved. As a result, will not run this programme without sufficient parental supervision.

Eligibility: age 12 -13 years, financial member of Maranui SLSC. Preference will be given to those that have attained Junior Surf Achievement Awards.

All candidates are expected to participate throughout the whole programme to gain a pass. Assessments are made throughout the programme to determine competency and therefore a pass to attaining the Surf Lifesaving Certificate.

All assessments are completed in accordance with SLSNZ Junior Surf Manual. 


Friday Night

Club Officials/ Surf Instructors meet and greet candidates

Short introduction with candidates and safety briefing with parental supervision.

Teatime for candidates and Surf Instructors 

Candidates enjoy freetime.


Pool Component: an hour at the pool assessing swimming abilities e.g. 200m in under 4.5 min, towing, tube rescue    

Surf Class Component: covering topics like basic First Aid, basic CPR, local Surf Conditons, local beach environment, Club structure and lifeguard pathways...

Beach component: covering Tube rescue, Rescue Board and  an introduction to IRB...

Written Component: a written test on the days activities...

Assessments of competency are made throughout the day to determine a pass. All assessments are made by Head Surf Instructor.

Assessments are completed in accordance with SLSNZ Junior Surf Manual. 

Results are posted on our website (Recipients of the Surf Lifesaving Certificate) 

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