Surf Levels

This is a breakdown of what is assessed during each season for Nippers from age 7 

Level One (age 7)

Pool Swim    25m 
Open Water Swim    25m 
Wading    Confident to waist deep 
Diving    Bob under wave 
Body surfing    Glide under wave 
Tread water    20 sec 
Run/Wade/Run   25m/50m/25m 
Boogie Board    Use leash, catching a wave, paddling
Theory questions    5 questions 

Level Two (age 8) 

Pool Swim    50m 
Open Water Swim    50m 
Wading    Clear knees at knee depth 
Diving   Lie under water 
Body Surfing    Catch a wave, stroke on wave 
Tread Water    30 sec 
Run/Wade/Run    30m/50m/30m 
Boogie board    Surf along abroken wave, dive under wave, kneel on board 
Theory questions    9 questions 

 Level Three (age 9)  

Pool Swim    100m 
Open Water Swim    100m 
Wading    Wading parallel to shore at knee depth, thigh depth with boogie board 
Diving   Dive under wave 
Body Surfing    Catch unbroken wave, stroke on wave 
Tread Water   1 min 
Run/Wade/Run    50m/75m/50m 
Boogie Board    Achieve three of the following: surf along an unbroken wave, over the top of a wave, going under a wave, eskimo roll, rescue 
Theory Questions   8 questions 

Level Four (age 10) 

Pool Swim    200m in 7 min 
Open Water Swim    200m 
Diving    Dive under wave, push off 
Body Surfing    Swim to catch wave 
Tread Water    1 min 
Run/Wade/Run    50m/100m/50m 
Board    Paddling, kneeling, negotiating surf, turning, catching a wave and holding on 
Theory Questions    8 Questions 

Level Five (age 11) 

Pool Swim(optional)    200m in 5 min 
Open Water Swim    200m 
Diving    Dive under a wave, 5 porpoise dives 
Body Surfing    Swim to catch a wave, swim along shoulder 
Tread Water    2 min, hand signal for 30 sec 
Run/Swim/Run    50m/100m/50m 
Board    Catch an unbroken wave, turn around buoy, punch through white water, recover from wipeout, surf along waves 
Theory Questions    8 questions 

N.B. Theory questions are accumulative from Level One to Level Five... 

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