Surf Lifeguard Award course

The Surf Lifeguard Award (SLGA) is a life changing challenge that will open many doors, it is the first step into the world of Surf lifesaving. The SLGA course run by Maranui starts late August, preparing candidates to sit early November.

To prepare candidates for the challenge, a planned schedule involving pool, beach and classroom components help candidates learn surf skills needed. Maranui believes that mirroring Surf exam conditions produces a fantastic environment for learning.

Nippers that have come through the pathway outlined previously are better prepared for this challenge.

Anyone that is over the age 14 prior to the date of surf exam is eligible to this course.

Maranui runs a trial for all newcomers to Surf lifesaving to help them understand some of the specific demands that this challenge poses. The obvious being, swimming ability, a set mark: 400m in under 9 mins. As this is a family orientated Club, we encourage our Junior Surf member parents to undertake this challenge.

During the course there are certain expectations that are imposed on the candidates.

  • that they attend 80% of the course
  • that they complete their workbooks and course material
  • that they work as a team and look out for each other as a team
  • that they are respectful and mindful of each other as a team

All Surf Classes are completed in accordance with SLSNZ Surf Instructor Manual under qualified and/or training Surf Instructors.

Once you have attained your Lifeguard Award as a newly qualified Lifeguard you will be allocated a patrol team. Enrolled to the Maranui Graduate programme and inducted into the Maranui Surf Brigade as Rookie Lifeguards. 

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