Refreshing and pathways for lifeguards


Attaining your Lifeguard Award comes with the responsibility to refresh every season. This is a requirement set down by SLSNZ; a requirement that Maranui values as a tool to maintain standard and provide an opportunity to learn more about the importance of being a Surf Lifeguard.

Refreshing your Lifeguard Award requires that surf lifeguards be tested on their physical fitness, CPR, First Aid skills and knowledge of simple lifeguarding practises every year.

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Pathways for Lifeguards.

Pathways for Lifeguards have been set by SLSNZ to help Lifeguards to further their Lifeguarding qualifications.  These pathways are reinforced by Maranui through a progression from Nippers to Lifeguard level.

This progression helps Lifeguards to learn about two of the three Rescue equipment used to effect a rescue, the Rescue Tube and Rescue Board.

Pathways outlined here will show the progression for those that have come through our Nipper programme and those that are new to surf. 

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