Junior Surf (6-13yrs)

IMG_3716.JPGSTART DATE: Sunday 7 November 2021

Sunday session times:
U7 - U10 (6-9 year olds),  10am - 11am
U11 - U14 (10-13 year olds),  11.30am - 12.30pm
Note: Age as at 30th September 2020. 

6 year old (U7), 7 year old (U8), 8 year old (U9), 9 year old (U10) etc. 

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The Junior Surf Programme, previously known as Nippers, is a fun introduction to surf skills and water safety for children aged 6 to 13 years.

Every Sunday (with a break of a few weeks over the Christmas period), from November through to March, our team of qualified surf coaches help children gain confidence in the surf and develop specific skills, allowing them to enjoy their time at the beach in safety.

Junior Surf athletes from 7-13 years have the opportunity to compete at carnivals throughout the summer season. (see the carnival programme on this page)

Carnivals are a great way to participate in both a fun and competitive environment, meet junior surf athletes from other clubs and see other beaches. While it can be competitive at times, the emphasis is always on safety, sportsmanship and enjoyment.

Many junior surf athletes choose to further their skills by training to become active surf lifeguards once they turn 14.

Christmas Dates 2021:
Last Junior Surf session for 2021 -  Sunday 12 December 2021
Maranui Junior Surf starts back on  - Sunday 10 January 2022


Parent and Caregiver involvement

Parental involvement in the Junior Surf programme is encouraged. At least one parent from each family must remain at the beach during the session. Children must not be left unattended at the beach. A parent/guardian from each nipper family can become an Associate member. This is part of the strategy to build our club and ensure it is better positioned to offer more to our Nippers as they grow into strong and able surf athletes and lifeguards. Active involvement during the Sunday nipper sessions may mean holding a towel, shouting encouragement or getting in the water to assist the surf coaches. The more parents are involved the more fun the sessions are for everyone!!

Many of our Junior Surf parents become qualified coaches each year.

Find out about more the Introduction to Surf Coaching Award: maranuinippers@gmail.com  


Age groups 

6 - 8 years old children learn the basics of surf events such as beach flags, beach sprints, run wade run and boogie boards as well as other basics water skills of catching and diving under a wave.

7 - 8 year old's are able to compete in the local inter-club carnivals where they pit their skills against nippers from other clubs. Junior surf athletes at this level are encouraged to train towards their 200m badge.

9 - 13 year old children will receive more intensive training in beach and water events and build on the skills taught at the 6-8 year old level. Junior surf athletes of these ages are required to complete their 200m badge. This attainment proves water confidence and means athletes are able to participate in surf swimming, board racing and board rescue events at carnivals. Other events such as tube rescues can also be introduced at this level.

Awards (recognising achievement). Junior surf athletes from 7 to 13 will receive an award upon attainment of specific skills for their age group.

Refer to Lifeguards/ Junior Surf Achievement awards


Swimming Abilities and Expectations 

Given that this is an aquatic sport, a reasonable level of swimming proficiency is required for children aged 7 and 8 to ensure children’s safety and so that each child receives maximum enjoyment from the program.

If your child is 9 years or above they must be a proficient swimmer in order to be accepted into the club.

It is recommended that children are enrolled in swimming lessons before they join Maranui SLSC. For existing members the club runs a swim squad from August to October. See our recommendations for swimming lesson providers.

To register: maranuinippers@gmail.com


200m Badge

This is required to compete in water events at surf carnivals for ages 9-13. To attain the badge an individual must swim 200m and tread water as per the specific requirements in the NZ surf handbook. The Junior Surf Coaches will hold 200m badge trials before the season begins. Please note that each child MUST retain their badge each year in order to remain in the club program.

Maranui SLSC recommends:

Aquazone: www.aquazone.co.nz    

Maranui Swimming Club: contact Nicky Burdon nicky.burdon@gmail.com or Ron Watt ronaldwatt45@gmail.com 


Carnival Program 2021/2022
Junior Surf Carnival #1 - Sun 21 November 2021 (Worser Bay)
Junior Surf Carnival #2 - Sat 12 December 2021 (Titahi Bay)
Junior Surf Carnival #3 - Sun 23 January 2022 (Riversdale)
Junior Surf Carnival (Capital Coast Champs) - tbc 2022 

For more information contact: maranuinippers@gmail.com

Check out our gallery for more photos of the Maranui nippers in action.  


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