Marnui Surf brigade members

These are members who have attained their Lifeguard Award and have been inducted into the Maranui Surf Brigade. 


Francis Natoli

Quintin Tahau 

John Tuia

Nick Berry

Josh Rippin

Barney Melville

Troy McGuinness

Jack Malin

Jacob Hogwood

Dr Huib Buyck

Stacey O'Dowd 


Jenny Everett-Wells

Matthew Wood

Barry McGuinness

Craig McGuinness

Mia Morris

Claudia Morris

Jerome McGuinness

Rhys Speirs 

Kevin Albrecht

Lara Geenen 


Micheal Brown

Adam Hutchison

Caroline Stewart

Tom Lancashire

Ollie Munson

Matt Wilson

Patty Audubert  

Paula Wood

Tabitha Ross

Dave Wells   

2009 originals: maranui fire

Maranui Surf Brigade was formed in 2009 after the fire that devestated the Clubrooms. In recognition of this event all original members have been presented their Maranui Wings with a Fire Icon. Also in recognition of a group of Lifeguards that continued to post patrols through adversity.   

George Gallagher

Jim Warwick

Peter Clark

Marc Pulepule

Chris Mark

Jason Reid

Wayne Wickens 

Steve Roberts

Todd Russell

Kirk Russell 

Pru Popple

Shane O'Connor

Henry Williams

Luke McGuinness

Ashton McGuinness

Caitlin Williams

James Webster

Jabok Fowke

Dan Hicks

Melissa Amitrano

Rumer Grace Archer 

Rory McJorrow

Jayme Natoli

Amy Penfold

Jarrod Shera

Mark Jeffrey

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