• U16 are primed and ready for action  (04/11/2014)

    Last season saw our U16 make a welcome return to Centrals and Nationals. The greater Surf community acknowledged this occasion by making an announcement at Nationals. This season the U16 Team want to build on this. A committed athlete to a scheduled training regime is not only what the Coach, Rhys Speirs, is calling for. He is also calling to have more fun.

    Pre-season training has been on for the last month and the Team has been doing a lot of individual training over winter... I understand from the U16 atheletes; '...the water is getting warmer.' (that's goo to hear) 

    Beach training welcomes Natasha Perkins. Her involvement gains much needed work for our Flaggers and Sprinters.

    U16 training 006.jpg

    From left to right: Rhys Speirs (Coach), John Tuia, Natasha Perkins and Finn Gaupset

  • Elation on gaining their Lifeguard Award (01/11/2014)

    Over 40 candidates were at the first Surf exam held at Paekakariki SLSC on the 1st Nov. The Surf Exam was performed differently with the swim component examined separately before the 1st Nov.

    Georgia Brown and Olivia Wood were our two candidates; they represent the compressed course Class. This Surf Class was designed for our Nippers that have gained their Surf Levels, Surf Lifesaving Certificate and who are still competing. The course recognises already built up surf knowledge and surf skills and  focuses on the other parts of the Lifeguard Award course, therefore is a little shorter. This course was trialled last year to great success.

    Jubilant and elated the two girls pose in their red and yellow lifeguard uniforms. They have been allocated to patrol teams and are excited about donning the uniform and returning to Nippers in the capacity as Lifeguards. This is part of our mentoring programme that Maranui has built into becoming a Maranui Lifeguard.

    Congratulations and well done girls...

    Olivia and Georgia 002.jpg 

  • Mount Lifeguards talk to LGA Candidates (22/10/2014)

    Training had finished for these three Mount Lifeguards but it seemed their work was not over... The winter Surf Class was very lucky to have Cameron, Hadyn and Jessica talk to them about their lifeguarding experiences at the Mount.

    The Mount is considered to be one of New Zealand's busiest beach, coping with close to a massive 10,000 beach goers at any given time. The worst is at New Years; the lifeguards recount New Years Eve parties of beach goers and the service that they provide during this time. They talked about the surf conditions and patrol set-up which extend all the way to Tay Street along the beach front of the Mount (It is such a difference from Oriental Bay beach...).

    Their perspective shed light on the service and the importance of understanding the basics; what the candidates were learning during Surf Class relates to all situations and surf conditions. Their insights gained a few ums and ahs as they continued to tell of the share volume and power of the waves at the Mount. They stressed the importance of keeping fit as a lifeguard because you will never know when you will be needed.

    Mount Lifeguards talk 2014.jpg 

    Mount Lifeguard talk 2014 (2).jpg

    Thank you to our visitors for stopping in for a chat; they now return to a warmer climate, but maybe, not exactly a restful time on the beach at the Mount.  

  • Maranui continues to provide this opportunity (19/10/2014)

    Maranui has over the last five years initiated and developed a swim squad to help kids in Surf. Maranui believes that although we have naturally gifted swimming kids, the majority are those who need a little more help. Providing this opportunity to improve their swimming abilities mean kids will enjoy Surf; by actively participating and having a greater confidence in water. For parents, it's seeing the enthusiasm and competitiveness in their kids.

    Though the efforts of Swim Teacher Lyn Coetzee (Aquazone) and Wayne Wickens (Club organiser) we are seeing fantastic results in swim fitness and swim technique.

    Maranui Swim squad Freyberg pool 007.jpg

    There are two groups that swim at Freyberg Pool on Sundays, an older group and a younger group. The Squads are grouped on swimming ability not age. Age range from 7-13 years old.

    Maranui Swim squad Freyberg pool 004.jpg 

    Maranui SLSC has also access to other swimming resources like Maranui Swimming Club.

  • Cross-fit training to start the season (18/10/2014)

    Maranui Oceans Team starts the season with cross-fit. The 30 strong team meet every Sat for the last 6 weeks training at Maia cross-fit. The session is for one hour which is packed with lots of activity and achieveable goals. It is amazing what can be packed into one hour. What a way to start the season, coupled with paddle training on Sundays for an hour, this group will have a great start to the season. 

    Cross-fit training at Maia Cross-fit 005.jpg

    Cross-fit training at Maia Cross-fit 006.jpg

    Some of the joys (as a parent) is watching your kid push themselves and then remembering (gee, I used to be like that...). Lots of water is definately needed after these sessions.

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