• IRB training grows (07/06/2015)

    IRB training has had an increase in candidates this year. Our number has swelled to a massive 15 candidates.

    IRB training runsfrom the end of the season to the beginning of the next. In that time IRB Instructors Marc Pulepule and Kieran O'Sullivan teach and subject candidates to a wide range of IRB techniques and conditions. Our instructional team has been boosted by having IRB operators John Tuia, Matthew Davies and Anna McDonnell getting involved both on land and in the sea.

    Obstacles that face IRB candidates being considered for IRB qualifications have been gaining their pre-requisites.

    Following the IRB pathway, pre-requisites that IRB candidates must gain are First Aid and VHF qualifications. Maranui Chief Instructor Marc Pulepule has provided an environment where all candidates have access to gaining these qualifications through our in-house training programme. Maranui will provide First Aid and now VHF in-house.

    Recently Geoff McDonnell has been certified to deliver the VHF programme. Congrats Geoff on becoming Maranui first VHF Instructor of late.

    IRB (Buzzy I.R.Bees) Class of 2014-2015 

    IRB photos 006.jpg

    Front row: (from left to right) Marc Pulepule (IRB Instructor, IRB Operator), Georgia Ford, Georgia Brown, Olivia Wood, Rachael Wilson

    Back row: (from left to right) FinnO'Neill, Liam Brown, John Tuia (IRB Operator), Geoff McDonnell (VHF Instructor), Michael Stuart, Caroline Lyons, Saffron Nemet-Sargent 

    Absentees: Kieran O'Sullivan (IRB Instructor, IRB Operator), Anna McDonnell (IRB Operator), Matthew Davies (IRB Operator), Finn Gaupset, Ishmael Perkins, Ben Tuesse, Mia Faiumu

  • Maranui Senior Prize Giving (18/04/2015)

    Our senior prize giving was held upstairs in the Cafe. Over 40 members turned out to celebrate the achievements of the senior part of the Club.

    This season Maranui sent a surf team to Centrals and Nationals. One of our competitiors (Ishmael Perkins) has flown the flag for Maranui in Australia competing in the Aussie Nationals. Lifeguards continue to train, improving our capability and maintaining a high standard. This season lifeguarding service recorded over 1000 hours at Oriental Bay, attended 19 First Aid incidents and made 3 rescues.


    Congratulations to the following recipients:

    Sportswoman of the Year

    Rachael Wilson

    Sportsman of the Year

    Ishmael Perkins

    Sportsperson of the Year

    Ishmael Perkins

    Sports Leadership Cup

    Liam Brown

    Rookie of the Year

    Georgia Brown

    Surf Official of the Year

    Nat Perkins

    Coach of the Year

    Anne Ferriss

    Surf Instructor of the Year

    Marc Pulepule

    Club Member of the Year

    Jason Reid

    Lifeguard of the Year

    Anna McDonnell

    Rescue(s) of the Year

    John Tuia

    Anna McDonnell

    Matthew Wood

    Quintin Tahau

    A big thank you to members/ personnel from behind the scene who helped make this event possible; Frances Russell (QSM, LM), Vanessa Proctor and Woodstock Florist, Sascha Nemet, Pascal Raimbault (photographer), Patricia Kelly, Bronwyn Kelly and Maranui Cafe, the Sports Committee, the Lifeguarding Committee.

    Our Celebration ended with a special presentation to one of our life members; the late Ron Simpson. Ron's legacy lives on through our Nipper programme with money he bequeathed. We heard from George Gallagher (Patron) about all his good work, his love for the junior juniors (as it was known back then in the 1940-50's). This money brought over 20 boards which have contributed to our success at Oceans breaking into the top 10 Clubs in the country. 

    A plaque was presented to the Simpson family; this is to be erected downstairs in the boatshed to mark Ron's generosity and love for Nippers (Junior Juniors).

    We thank him for all he has done for the Club. He will be remembered. 


  • Oceans 2015 (03/03/2015)

    Over a very tough 4 days, 32 of Maranui's finest Under 14 athletes competed against over 800 athletes from 42 surf clubs.

    Once again Maranui obtained the prime position on the beach and with our 3 tents forming a small red village, we had ample room to eat, drink, rest, recuperate and plot and plan our way to a total of 41 national finals. No - your eyes do not decieve - 41 national finals. There was a total of 8 medals won during the 4 days of competition. This included 4 national titles.


    Gold Medals 

    Sam Brown in U11 Boys Run-Swim-Run

    Sam Brown in U11 Boys Surf Race

    Sam Brown in U11 Boys Diamond

    Sophie Irving in U12 Girls Surf Race

    Silver Medals 

    Sophie Irving in U12 Girls Run-Swim-Run

    U12 Mixed Grand Cameron Relay Team (Sam Brown, Sophie Irving, Hugo Blackwood, Tamrah Titcombe, Logan Philp, Taika Davies)

    Bronze Medals 

    U12 Girls Board Relay Team (Bailey Reddish, Tamrah Titcombe, Sophie Irving)

    U12 Boys Tube Rescue Team (Sam Brown, Logan Philp)

    There was also several 4th and 5th placings.

    Although the surf itself was medium in size the often challenging rips, drfts and holes inherent at the Mount presented new challenges every day for the athletes. The Maranui Team proved that we can compete against the top athletes in the country and that our nippers and oceans programmes are working well and able to achieve great results for the Club. The morale and atmosphere in the team was fantastic and we had great group of parents and siblings who all pitched in to make this yet another memorable event for Maranui.


    Well done everyone and thanks for a great after party at Wayne and Vanessa! 


  • Mayor accepts pontoons at Oriental Bay (09/11/2014)

    Mayor Celia Wade-Brown accepted this gift on behalf of the City of Wellington from the Oriental Bay Residents Group. New pontoons for all to enjoy at Oriental Bay beach.

    As the lifeguarding Club for this beach this season, Maranui showed a strong presence to be a part of the ceremony. A plaque was erected by the steps onto the beach marking the occasion. 

    Pontoons being presented to the Mayor 2014 005.jpg 

    From left to right: Racheal Wilson, John Tuia, Liam Brown, Mayor Celia Wade-Brown, Finn O'Neill and Matthew Wood. 

    After the ceremony the Mayor decided to swim to the pontoon. She obviously couldn't do the swim with out an escort from Maranui lifeguards, Marc Pulepule provided the escort to refresh at the same time.

    This summer these pontoons will provide lots of fun for all. 

  • U16 are primed and ready for action  (04/11/2014)

    Last season saw our U16 make a welcome return to Centrals and Nationals. The greater Surf community acknowledged this occasion by making an announcement at Nationals. This season the U16 Team want to build on this. A committed athlete to a scheduled training regime is not only what the Coach, Rhys Speirs, is calling for. He is also calling to have more fun.

    Pre-season training has been on for the last month and the Team has been doing a lot of individual training over winter... I understand from the U16 atheletes; '...the water is getting warmer.' (that's goo to hear) 

    Beach training welcomes Natasha Perkins. Her involvement gains much needed work for our Flaggers and Sprinters.

    U16 training 006.jpg

    From left to right: Rhys Speirs (Coach), John Tuia, Natasha Perkins and Finn Gaupset

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