Junior Surf Achievement Awards

This is a programme designed to help Nippers and their families to better understand water safety at the beach. It is also the beginnings of becoming a Maranui Surf Lifeguard. 

From the age of 7, Nippers undergo assessments throughout the season to achieve their Surf Levels (detailed breakdown provided in Lifeguards/Junior Surf Achievement Awards/Surf Levels). By the age of 11, Nippers would have completed the Five Surf Levels.

Upon completion of the Five Surf Levels they will receive their Junior Surf Achievement Award certificate detailing what they have achieved.

Assessment of these Surf Levels is done by Maranui Head Surf Instructor and Head Coach throughout each season.

Assessments are completed in accordance with SLSNZ Junior Surf Manual. 

For more information contact lifeguards@maranui.co.nz  

Maranui Nippers building better lifeguards for the future...

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