maranui Emergency Management Plan

History of how this was formed 

Recent earthquakes in Chile, Samoa and Japan have seen Maranui SLSC collaborating with WEMO (Civil Defence) during the distant and regional tsunami warnings. This collaboration led to the development of an Emergency Management Plan to help the communities of Owhiro Bay, Island Bay, Houghton Bay, Lyall Bay, Kilbirnie, Strathmore, Miramar and Seatoun in the event of a coastal hazard.

Marc Pulepule (ex Club Captain) and Dan Neely (WEMO) met to establish how this collaboration would function going forward early 2010.

Maranui called a meeting with all local schools and caregiving groups on the flat, targeting this group as the most at risk and the most at need. This formed the basis of concern which Maranui addressed by looking at ways to ensure response and alleviate some concerns that locals would be faced with in a coastal hazard.

How Maranui is addressing concerns

1. Knowledge of Resource, Civil Defence  

A pathway was formed for Senior Lifeguards from Maranui SLSC to the CDEM course (Civil Defence Emergency Management). Two places are reserved for Maranui SLSC to this course for Senior Lifeguards to better understand intimately protocols and workings of Civil Defence. This has led to a Maranui Senior Lifeguard being placed as Area Supervisor for WEMO in the Lyall Bay area.

2. A Hub for communication for locals

Maranui SLSC is setting up a communicational tree for all locals to be a part of. It will pertain to their particular area of Owhiro Bay, Island Bay, Houghton Bay, Lyall Bay, Kilbirnie, Miramar, Strathmore and Seatoun.

A communicational tree is a network of locals who contact each other to inform and confirm that the information of a pending coastal hazard is correct and accurate.    

Benefits to being a part of a local communicational tree:

  • Get in contact with neighbours
  • Response is localised and more pertinent to your needs
  • Management of family members can be monitored when not in the area
  • Ensure safety of all family members in your local area

If you want to be a part of your local communicational tree contact

3. Tsunami Alert Response Plan

A tsunami would be the most likely and most deadly coastal hazard that will devastate our local area. Maranui has customised a response that takes into account all its resources to best help locally and aid Civil Defence efforts.

Maranui Tsunami Alert Response Plan 

pdf Tsunami Plan 2012.pdf (0.19MB) 

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